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Coronal Polishing

Course Description


As per regulations for Coronal Polish Certification, the following is an

overview of the course requirements and the protocol followed for

laboratory and clinical practice, the written and clinical examination.


Minimum Number of Satisfactory Performances

All students shall perform the following procedures in order to achieve

minimum competence in the various protocols used in the application of pit

and fissure sealants:


On typodonts and patients, the student shall perform the following: 

Perform coronal polishing lab procedures on at least two (2) mannequin/typodont simulators according to the specified criteria.


Perform coronal polishing procedure on three (3) clinical patients according to the specified criteria with 75% accuracy.  Each clinical patient shall possess a minimum of sufficiently erupted teeth in a permanent dentition, be a minimum of 18 years of age, and able to provide consent to be eligible for procedure performance.

Two (2) of the three (3) clinical patients shall be utilized in the clinical final examination.


Students are required to meet the specified minimal number of satisfactory performances as indicated above.  The student operator grades his/her own performance, the student assistant grades the performance of the student operator and the instructor shall critique the student operator’s performance and the grading technique of both students.


When the student reaches the 75% minimum performance for coronal polishing and 100% performance on all infection control protocol, the instructor checks off the procedure required for the minimal number of satisfactory performance.  If a student does not fulfill the minimum grade for the number of satisfactory performances, the student shall be assigned additional laboratory and/or clinical practice procedures.  

Course Fee


NeNPlease call 925-516-3600 for the schedule of classes and to register.

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