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Pit & Fissure Sealant

Course Description


This course provides didactic, laboratory, and clinical (patient treatment) education regarding the assessment and application of pit and fissure sealants.  Subject matter will include materials from the dental sciences: oral anatomy, histology, pharmacology, dental materials, oral pathology, and physiology.  Other areas addressed will include an overview of infection control protocol and dental emergencies legal requirements for the placement of sealants, materials used for sealants, the criteria, preparation, placement,  and evaluation of sealants post application and at recare appointments.  Students will participate in laboratory procedures of sealant application prior to working with patients.  Evaluation of student understanding and success will include a written and clinical examination

1.  All students must provide proof (a copy) of their current active RDA license or a certificate of completion from an approved dental assistant program that renders them eligible for the RDA examination.  Student must provide proof of current certification of CPR.  All students must provide proof of completion in an approved coronal polish course.


2.  All students must bring 4 patients that have at least one tooth in each of the 4 quadrants that meet the criteria for sealant placement during the clinical portion of this course (2nd day).  Teeth must be natural and have erupted sufficiently to provide full access to the occlusal surface, be virgin, and non-restored.  Patients must have been examined by a dentist, and a written prescription indicating approved application of pit and fissure sealants from the dentist of record must accompany each patient.  Please have the enclosed patient medical history completed and signed by patient/parent.



Course Fee

Please call 925-516-3600 for class schedule

Required Attire:


OSHA approved scrub uniforms


Closed toed shoes


Lab Jacket with long sleeves or disposable gown


Eye Protection or face shield


Hair must be styled away from face

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