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Radiation Safety Course

Course Description


This course includes theory & laboratory experience on manikins and clinical application of x-ray safety, bitewing and FMX film exposures, as well as processing and evaluation. Self instructional video and workbook will be utilized. 



Course Fee

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Please call for the schedule of classes

Classroom Instruction / Course Examination

Two or three days, depending on class size, will be scheduled for the lecture and exposure of x-rays on a dental manikin. On the last day of the course, you will expose a FMX on a clinical patient pro- vided by you. You will also complete a written final examination. 

Clinical Requirement

In addition to classroom instruction, you will be required to complete three FMX’s on patients in your dental office or a facility that allows you to perform clinically. If you do not have access to an office you can bring your patients to Horizon Family Dental Care; prior arrangements will be required. Only two of those FMX homeworks can be taken with digital radiography. This requirement must be met by the last day of the course. 

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