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Infection Control

Course Description




This course introduces infection and biohazard control procedures necessary for the safe practice of dentistry. Topics include microbiology, chemical disinfectants, infectious diseases, OSHA standards, and applicable state laws. Students practice aseptic techniques and Universal Precautions, and they process and sterilize instruments. 



The student is required to complete, to a stated minimum competency,

the following laboratory/clinical procedures to successfully complete this



• Competency 1: Handwashing and Application of Alcohol-Based Hand Rub
• Competency 2: Donning and Removing Personal Protective Equipment
• Competency 3: Operatory Cleaning, Disinfection and Surface Barrier Use
• Competency 4: Preparation, Ultrasonic Cleaning and Sterilization of Instruments
• Competency 5: Performing Disinfection of Prosthetic Appliance, Impression, and Bite Registration

• Competency 6: Sharps Management Procedure

• Competency 7: Performing Biologic Monitoring o Competency 8: Waterline Maintenance 

Course Requirements – Competency Evaluation 

Course Fee

Please call 925-516-3600 
for class schedule and to register


 Register online or call 925-516-3600 

Overall Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify different types of microorganisms and the methods of disease transmission in a dental office

  • Explain and perform disinfection and sterilization techniques using the seven steps in processing

  • Identify the regulatory and advisory agencies

  • Explain OSHA standards and Universal Precautions

  • Identify common methods of personal protection against chemical exposure

  • List the factors in bacterial contamination of dental unit water

  • Define ergonomics and demonstrate the exercises that can reduce muscle fatigue and strengthen muscles 

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